21 things I’d love to say to/ask my 15 year old self after reviewing my five year old facebook conversations:

looking through old inbox messages is like deep sea diving. the deeper you go the more terrifying it gets.

1. why do you always end sentences with so many lettersssss?

2. your instincts are right, you don’t know that boy that friend requested you. leave him alone.

3. the Jonas Brothers are not that important. Stop obsessing and go to bed.

4. Everyone thinks you’re so nice and innocent but you’re actually kick ass. How do you do it? Can you reteach me? I am impressed.

5. I’m so glad your idol is Miley Cyrus and that you don’t watch the CW.

6. why are you so obsessed with camp?

7. you are not single because you’re ugly. you’re single because you are annoying.

8. in six years the boy you’re so in love with will still be living with his parents. You’ll also date his best friend. Stop while you’re ahead.

9. I can’t remember having 95% of these conversations you are engaging in. This terrifies me.

11. That girl didn’t ask you to hang out because SHE’S the mean one. Why are you so self defeating? Have I taught you nothing?

12. Collecting converse may seem like the coolest thing to do, ever, but in five years you are going to be left with 12 pairs of converse. Have fun with that.

13. I have no idea what party you’re talking about, and I know it sucks your mom made you come home at 11, but you’ll get your time to be crazy. Enjoy being obsessed with the Jonas Brothers while you still can.

14. Why didn’t you anser so many of these messages?! This guy seems pretty set on getting you to answer and you’re not giving him the time of day.

15. …would it be weird to answer this message five years later?

16…if so, how weird?

17. Why are you crying?

18. Why are you telling this girl you’re crying?

19. THIS message is ironic because in three years you will awkwardly be prom dates. Now it’s just about homework.

20. THIS message is ironic because you’re¬†acquaintances¬†but then go on to be best friends.

21. You’re a mess of a 15 year old, but somehow who you are then made me who I am now, so thanks for that. Whatever you did, you did right.